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We welcome you to visit our production location and see for yourself how we produce our high quality products. Please click already on below links to see a 360 degrees view of our production locations.

Walk Around with 360 degree Views of our Cast Iron Foundry

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JAFAR Foundry 360 degrees

Walk Around with 360 degree Views of our Machining Plant

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JAFAR Machining Plant 360 degrees

Walk Around with 360 degree Views of our Painting Line

We use mainly high quality AKZO Nobel Resicoat according GSK Guidelines. Jafar is also Member of GSK (Gütegemeinschaft Schwerer Korrosionsschutz von Armaturen und Formstücken durch Pulverbeschichtung).

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Jafar Beschichtung GSK

Walk Around with 360 degree Views of our Warehouse

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Jafar Warehouse 360 degrees

Our own JAFAR foundry, Fabryka Armatur Jafar S.A., is located in Europe in the south-eastern part of Poland. In recent years, a series of investments have been implemented at the Jafar foundry to improve its production capacity, with changes being introduced at every stage of the casting preparation and production processes.

To optimise the launch of new products, the Jafar Design Studio is now equipped with computer-assisted production systems, such as AutoCad, Solid Edge, NX CAM and Flow-3D. At the design stage, the adopted technology is verified (simulations of casting pouring and solidification), leading to reducing the time and costs related to the implementation process and increasing the cost effectiveness of serial production. The state-of-the-art and fully computer-controlled moulding line ensures high reproducibility and the dimensional precision of our products. In order to ensure the high quality of large castings for fittings where high reproducibility and small dimensional deviations are required near the sealing nodes, a furan compound technology was introduced with a mixer-dosing machine and an entire regeneration station.

The change of melting technology to electrometallurgy has enabled the production of hard-to-manufacture grades of iron characterised by good mechanical and physical properties. This, in turn, leads to the introduction of structural changes to our products related to reducing material consumption through improved strength parameters.

The modernised treatment plant department guarantees the very high quality of surfaces for manufactured castings. The main aim of the investment was the considerable improvement in our competitiveness. Thanks to the new devices and technologies, our production capacity and quality equal the best European foundries, while the efficiency of each employee has increased by a factor of more than three.

The investment was implemented according to the principles of sustainable development. The best available casting techniques were applied, which also significantly minimises the factory's negative impact on the environment. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, energy costs per cast kilogram have decreased by more than 10%.
The implementation of this investment has yielded positive results in all key areas of influence by reducing emissions to the environment, reducing the volume of generated waste, stimulating pro-ecological production patterns, minimising the number of non-conformities and limiting the ecological health risk.


Jafar has been modernising its facilities for over a decade, continuing to invest in state-of-the-art equipment for iron machining iron, water cutting and welding. The cutting-edge painting line allows the application of excellent quality coatings, as confirmed by the relevant certificates. However, the most significant investment in recent years has been for our modern iron foundry, which is fully automated, ecologically clean and cost-effective, as well as resulting in the production of high quality castings. We are now building a modern logistics warehouse and new offices, and these should be completed by the end of 2017.

JAFAR in the Region - Corporate Social Responsibility

JAFAR S.A. is one of the largest enterprises in the region. Our relations with our subcontractors and the local residents, who are often also our employees, and the common sense responsibility for the quality of life have led us to support different initiatives, such as financing social actions, local sports clubs and orphanages. Equally interesting are our initiatives aimed at promoting culture – in 2015 alone Jafar funded the release of two albums by bands from the region. Another good example is Jafar's involvement in the pro-social activity at Jasielskie Stowarzyszenie Przedsiębiorców, whose aim is to stimulate local economic initiatives and assist local entrepreneurs. Jafar is a company with a strong sense of attachment to its region and its social responsibility.